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A Cats Basic Instincts

Cats are most active at night, and may spend up to 16 hours a day resting or asleep. They need to conserve their energy for short bursts of power needed to catch prey. Your cat will have an overwhelming iCat Instinctsnstinct to go out to hunt small creatures. All the senses are geared towards stalking and hunting, and are much more acute than those of a human. A cats whiskers act as sensors to feel close objects. You may sometime find your cat has brought home a dead mouse or bird, this is nothing to worry about, and you should not reprimand your cat for this, in fact your should feel honoured, this is their way of showing you affection, almost like giving a gift.

Cats can also be used as a friendly gesture to other cats. Cats are friendly animals and will make a relationship with other animals or become part of a cat community of they are allowed outside. This community is hierarchical, with the unneutered males and females being supreme and highly territorial.

Male and female cats will gently show their territorial rights by rubbing their heads against objects and humans. They leave a scent that is secreted by glands around the body. The scent is also released from between the paw pads when a cat scratches a tree or a scratching post to sharpen its claws, this is another reasons as to why you need to ensure you train your cat to use a scratching post rather than your furniture.


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