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The worlds best cat toy - Cats love playing with toys, however many are over priced and underused. You will be surprised as a cat owner how a simple free item that most people have in their homes can offer your cat hours of entertainment.

A Lost Cat - When your cat goes missing, it can be a very distressing time. Here's a little story about the time when my cat went missing, it show you that more often than not, your cat will return by it's self.

Treating Cat Fleas - Cat fleas are an inevitable fact of life for many cat owners. However they need not cause distress, there are many ways to treat fleas, both chemically and naturally. Treating fleas shouldn't cause distress or break the bank!

No more litter cat toilet training - Cut your cleaning hassle, bad smells in your house, and the cost of cat litter, by training your cat not to use it. With a simple step by step process you can slowly wean your cat off its litter tray, and progress to the great outdoors. You’ll have a wonderfully clean smelling house in no time.

Don't let your cat be a fussy eater - Having a cat that refuses to eat cat food is every owners worst nightmare, stop this behaviour right at the start. When your cat is a kitten, put in place motions to make sure your cat eats properly. Stop the problem before it starts.

Why your cat goes mad for catnip - We've all seen the mad cat that rolls all over the carpet in the spot where the catnip is, but what is it about catnip, that drives our cats completely mad?










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