Cat Breed Classification

Some of the cat breeds around today come from very old natural selection; and some are specific to a region, for example the tail-less Manx cat. The pedigree cat breeds however have been genetically engineered by cat breeders. Cat breeders have made it possible to find a huge range of colours by adding new coat colours, patters and different lengths of fur.

Some  cat breeds are only available in a few countries, while others are available worldwide.

Longhair, Persian Cats

All these cats have the same sort of shape, size and length of fur. They have short noses, small ears and lots of fur. They are generally quiet and do not demand attention. They do however need some extra help with grooming every day. If you don't have the time to spare, then don't get a Persian Cat.

Longhair, Non-Persian Cats

The only thing these cats have in common is the length of fur. In this group are Birmans, Turkish, Main Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats to name a few. There is no general similar characteristics as they are all different.

British and American Shorthair Cats

Like Persian cats these all look the same, although there are some differences between British and American cat breeds. These are quieter than other shorthair cat breeds, but will need extra grooming due to their short, thick coats. They can grow to be large and heavy, so if you want a small cat, it is best to choose another type.

Other Shorthair Cats

These are grouped together for convenience, but some like the Exotic Shorthair cat  are judged in the Longhair section. This group includes all shorthaired cats that do not ft into other groups. Included in this group are Abyssians, Cornish and Devon Rex, American Wirehair and Curl and the newer types such as the Asian cats, including Burmillas and the spotted Bengals and Ocicats.

Oriental Shorthair Cats

These cats look like Siamese cats. All the cats in this category will meet the Siamese standard of points. They don't show a restricted coat pattern, genetically called the Himalayan factor. They come in many colours and patterns, but generally have the Siamese cat temperament.

Burmese Cats
Burmese cats are very distinctive and are all of the same type and character, only the colours vary. These cats are very active and need a lot of attention and do not like being left alone. These cats are generally not as noisy as Siamese. They are one of the most popular breeds due to their loving dispositions and good character.
Siamese Cats
Siamese cats are very popular. They are very elegant and sleek and have very distinctive coat patterns. Siamese cats demand attention.


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