Non-pedigree Cats

It is often said that the most beautiful cats at a cat show are to be found in the non-pedigree section, where cats of all different colours, patterns, coat lengths and type are to be seen. Many people take great pleasure in showing their rescued pets; these beautiful creatures have mostly had a deprived kittenhood and to see them in exhibition in superb condition, healthy and with glossy coats, their pens festooned with ribbons and rosettes, gives their owners the credit they deserve.

Some non-pedigrees have a known ancestry; others may even have a pedigree parent or grandparent; the majority are waifs and strays, rescued by one of the charitable organizations, and have no known parentage. All deserve to be treated with the same love and care.

When choosing a non-pedigree cat or kitten, the same consideration should be given as when choosing a pedigree cat. Do not opt for a fluffy, longhaired cat if you do not have the time to spend on its grooming; a cat with a known Siamese or Oriental background will be more likely to display the behaviour that is typical of these breeds - demanding cats with somewhat loud voices! With many non-pedigrees it is impossible to know what size of cat the kitten will become; at least cats do not vary in size as dogs do, so the adult cat is unlikely to outgrow your home.

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