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Other Shorthaired Cats

There are many other shorthaired cats, that are often not talked about as much as the British and American Shorthairs.

A lot of these breeds, are cross breeds of other cats, where a breeding programme has been established to continue the line.

Many are over looked. Shorthaired cats can be just as loyal and affectionate as their long haired relatives, and do not need as much grooming.

The list to the right, contain information about these often forgotten breeds.


Scratching Cat

White Cat



Abyssinian Cats
American Wirehair & Curl Cats
Asian Cats
Bengal Cats
Bombay Cats
Burmilla Cats
Exotic Shorthair Cats
Egyptian Mau Cats
Japanese Bobtail Cats
Korat Cats
Ocicat Cats
Rex Cats
Russian Blue Cats
Scottish Fold Cats
Singapura Cats
Snowshoe Cats
Sphynx Cats
Tonkinese Cats