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Choosing The Right Cat

Many households are suitable for cats, but itís importantCat Care to think of the effects a cat will have on the household.

Cats are known for their independence, but they do need care and attention. A normal, healthy cat may live for 14 years or more, and you need to consider if you can give such a long-term commitment. Cats although generally the same shape and size, they vary greatly in temperament, interests and needs. Before you buy a cat, itís wise to look at your lifestyle and home, and consider the type of cat that will happily fit in with it.

You'll need to think about the type of cat you would like, do you want long or short hair. For example, some people have an allergy to longhaired cats, but find they are fine with shorthaired cats. Do you want an easy to care for cat, or are you willing to put in the extra time, money and effort for a rarer cat, that may have health problems from being bred for certain looks.

If you are looking for one of the rarer cats, that have been bred for their looks, make sure you find a reputable breeder. Ask your friends or family for recommendations, or your local vet. And be aware that a pedigree cat will cost you a lot of money, not only for the initial purchase but for the ongoing care it will require for the rest of its life.

If you are not fussed about looks, and just want a cat or kitten for company, visit your local rescue centres or get in touch with those specially for cats. These can be found in the yellow pages. These people will give you help and advice as well as giving you your new cat.


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