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Where To Find A Pedigreed Cat 

Some cat breeders advertise in newspapers or on the Internet. This is hit and miss as there is no guarantee they are reputable. Some people will produce kittens of the most popular breeds purely for profit, they show little concern for the future welfare of the kittens.Pedigree Cat Show

A good idea is to ask your local veterinary surgery or clinic for good breeders in your area. Often one cat breeder will recommend another if they canít help you. Some cat breeders are large scale and have catteries, and others may just use one queen. Either can be good. Itís also a good idea to visit cat shows before you buy. You will find enthusiastic owners and breeders who will explain about their breeds and available stock. Find out about cat shows from one of the specialist cat magazines.

Another way to find a good cat breeder is to ask for recommendations from your friends and family. If they have successfully taken a pedigree cat, that is fit and healthy and have found the cat breeder to be pleasant and easy to work with, then it is worth asking for the contact information.

If you visit a cat breeder and you don't feel right about it, then trust your instinct. It could be anything, but find a cat breeder you are comfortable with, this way should you have any questions at a later date you will not worry about asking them.


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