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Longhair or Shorthaired Cat?Longhair Cat

When you choose your cat you need to consider whether you want it to have long or short hair. Longhaired cats are very popular, but are not best suited to people with allergies and require a lot of looking after. Where as shorthaired cats are normally able to groom themselves without any extra help.

Longhaired cats need to be groomed every day to keep the coat free from tangles and matting, and you'll often find your cat comes home with twigs and other plants tangled in it. If you live in a hot climate a longhaired cat is not a wise choice, as your cat will over heat and may suffer some severe health problems.

The other extreme is the almost hairless Sphynx cat, needs extra care as its prone it skin problems. Shorthaired cats are normally far easier to look after, and a great if you do not have the time to groom your cat every day. But some of the rarer cat varieties do suffer from health problems, so ask your breeder for advice before you take you cat home, so you can prepare your has with any extra medication you may need.


Longhaired Cat Longhaired Cat