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Visiting The Cat Breeder

Some cat breeders house their cats outside in a cattery, and others in their home. Good cat breeders will allow you to see the cats before your buy. House reared kittens tend to socialize earlier. Although cattery reared cats are at reduced risk of disease and infection. Kittens from a good Cat Breedercattery will be handled and socialized, but is not as complete as if they were raised in a home.

Usually you make an appointment to see and select from a litter of kittens, but it is possible to book in advance if you like a certain cat. By visiting the breeder you can see the conditions the kitten will live in for the first few weeks. If you ask the right questions and see the mother and the rather you will be able to see the kittens  heritage. You can also lay foundations for a ongoing relationship with the breeder who will help you for years to come.

A pedigreed kitten will not normally leave the breeders home until itís 12-14 weeks old, when it should be house-trained, inoculated and well handled.

A kitten ready for handing over should be weaned and introduced to a diet of fresh, canned and dry foods. It should be registered with one of the registering bodies and have proper documentation.


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