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Why Choose A Cat?

The catís independence makes them very good for the modern household. Cats self-clean and self-exercise. Some cats will happily live totally indoors in a high rise apartment. And depending on their character, they can learn to live with other pets.

The choice of cat depends on personal preference; for long or short fur, or a colour or pattern. A major factor is how much you want to spend. At the high end is cats whoís parentage can be traced through pedigrees back to the late 1800s. And the low end of unplanned litters of non-pedigreed cats that can be picked up for free. In between are the cross-breeds. At a fraction of the cost of a true pedigree cat.Domestic Cat

Cat size is not an issue, living-space restrictions donít generally present a problem as cats are very adaptable. Although allowances should be made for some active cat breeds.

Until about 30 years ago, there was a scarcity of cat breeders and, with the exception of Blue Persian and Siamese cat breeds, pedigreed cats were not readily available. This has changed due to publicity. The showing and breeding of cats with a known ancestry has become a popular hKittenobby, making a much greater range of breeds available.

An advantage of buying a pedigreed kitten from a good breeder is that there are safeguards woven into the transaction.

Cats that have been abandoned revert back to a wild state and form colonies with other cats. It is possible to adopt a stray from the streets. However, they have been exposed to infections and diseases so a good medical examination is very important. Youíll also need to spend more time with a stray settling in.


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