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Nutrition and Feeding Your Cat

If your cat has a well balanced diet it will have good health. It will be happy, content, alert, aCat Foodctive, with bright eyes, a glossy coat and a moist nose.

You should try to set certain times for when your cat eats, this would normally be twice a day at a time of your choice. This is not only better for your cat, but it also means your cat can be occupied while your family eats, this will help prevent begging at the dinner table.

Your cat will need a good diet, if you plan on preparing the food yourself, remember that although your cat does need plenty of protein in the form of meat, it also requires other vitamins and minerals only found in plants. So be aware of the nutritional requirements your cat needs when you plan its meals.

You need to be aware of occasions when you'll need to change your diet, times like this include, when your cat is pregnant, when it becomes elderly, or if it develops health problems such as diabetes. If or when this happens to your cat, you'll need to be prepare for the changes you'll have to make.


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