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Grooming Your Cat

Cats are very clean and tidy animals and will spend a very large part of their day grooming and cleaning themselves. Although little extra help from their owners is required for longhaired and semi-longhaired cats, as these cats were bred for the long hair, and sometimes they can find it very hard to do it themselves, which means these cats will end up with matter patches, or dirt, twigs, and anything else that finds its way in; this can be very uncomfortable for your cat. The grooming process is important, it can be a pleasurable, bonding and rewarding experience for both the cat and the owner.

Extra grooming also helps good health as is simulates the blood vessels below the skin and improves muscle tone.

Grooming your cat regularly will also help you to determine if it has fleas or any other parasite, that may have latched on during it's daily garden exploration.

But be aware, if you cat has stopped grooming itself, then it could be far more serious than just a lazy cat; as cats are very fussy animals, any sign of a cat not grooming itself could mean it has contracted a disease or virus, and your should take your cat to your vet as soon as possible.

Now days, there are many products available on the market to help you to groom your cat. Some cats may be afraid of the comb, so you can purchase a glove that can be used as a comb, your cat will find this far more natural and will be more willing to accept it.
Most cats will enjoy being groomed, as it is just like being stoked, but make sure to do it when the cat is relaxed, as a stressed or tense cat will not enjoy the grooming and may develop a fear of you or the comb.


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