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Cat Grooming Details 

Any discharge that collects around the corners of the cats eyes can be removed with your finger. Short-faced cats can get tear stains beneath the eyes, this can be cleaned with a special preparation available from pet stores or the vetís surgery. 

If there is a dark tarry substance on the catís chin, this means there is an excess production of sebum from the hair follicles, which is for scent marking. This can also happen around the tail. Veterinary treatment is normally required. Recurrence may be prevented by cleansing with an anti-bacterial shampoo from your vet. 

If your catís teeth are clean it reduces the risk of gum disease. Some vets give  general check-up twice a year, where they can perform a scale and polish under general anaesthetic. The alternative is for the owner to clean the catís teeth once or twice a week. Special toothbrushes that fit over your finger and cat food-flavoured tooth pastes make it easier. You could try wrapping a piece of fabric sticking plaster around the index finger, just before meal times. Smear this with a little cat food and gently rub the teeth while holding the head. 

If the cats ears look soiled on the inside, wipe them out with a tissue on your finger, dampened with olive oil, liquid paraffin or ear cleaner form the pet store. Never clean past what you can see, and never use a cotton bud. An abundance of dry waxy material may mean mites which will need veterinary treatment. 

Some cats are unable to retract their claws properly, such as the Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Shorthairs and Oriental Longhairs, which makes uncarpeted floors very hard for them. Elderly cats can also have this problem. The nails continue to grow and because older cats take less exercise they donít get worn down. Trimming the nails will help. Outdoor cats should only have their front claws clipped, so they can still fight should they need to, and be able to climb.
Always ask your vet to clip the cats claw, as any mistakes can be dangerous. On light-coloured claws, a blood vessel can been seen. Cutting this causes severe bleeding and pain. Declawing is unnecessary, and is considered an unnecessary mutilation in the United Kingdom. Its practised in the United States and normally done at the same time as sterilization. Itís a huge operation which takes away the cats means of self-defence and should only be reserved for indoor cats.


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