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Grooming A Longhaired Cat 

Longhaired cats, no matter what type will need a lot of help from their owner. Longhaired cats easily pick up dirt and debris in their coat and they need help to keep it clean and free from tangles. If not the hair will mat, especially in the armpits and groin and can become uncomfortable. If a coat gets severely matted it can prevent the cat from moving, and movement will result in the hairs being pulled. The build-up of hair will lead to a poor coat and fur balls.

The grooming procedures are far greater than those for a shorthaired cat. Start with a wide-toothed comb with blunt teeth to ease out tangles and debris. Try the comb on yourself before you try it on your cat. If it doesnít feel sharp on your head then it should be fine for your cat. To deal with tough knots and tangles, sprinkle them with unscented talcum powder and ease them free with your hand. Talcum powder also help to pick up excess dirt and grease. It should be brushed out thoroughly at the brushing stage. Make partings in the tail, and brush each parted section sideways.

Checklist for shampoo and groom:

Wide-toothed metal comb
Natural-bristled brush
Unscented talcum powder
Feline or baby shampoo
Shower attachment

Quick guide to grooming:
  1. Use the comb gently to ease out any tangles, knots and twigs. Sprinkle with talcum powder once a week. Do the underbelly and legs first.
  2. Brush the body fur firmly in sections against the lie of the fur towards the catís head. Brush thoroughly to remove talcum powder, if you have used it.
  3. Use the fine comb for the neck fur. For Persians, the fur should be combed upwards to form a ruff beneath the chin.


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