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Grooming A Shorthaired Cat

You really only need to help your shorthaired cat with grooming if it is a show cat. But grooming your cat twice a week can help to keep control of any loose hairs. Its also a good time to check for fleas. Grooming aids can include a metal comb with round-tipped teeth, a soft, natural-bristled brush to settle the fur, a brush with stiffer bristles and a polishing cloth of silk or chamois leather.  Start by gently stroking your cat to relax it. Use the stiff brush first, brushing very gently along the line of the fur, to loosen the dead hairs and dirt. Brush the whole body, but be gentle around the ears, armpits and groin and under the belly and tail. The use the metal comb to extract the dead hairs. It may cause some static in the cats fur, causing it to clump together. This will be corrected with the soft brush and the final polish.

You do not need to wash a short haired cat unless it is a show cat or if be becomes greasy. Some people will give their cat a bran bath to remove excess grease, dirt and dandruff. Warm 5 or 6 handfuls of natural bran flakes in an oven until they are a hand-hot temperature. Rub these over the cat, avoid the face and ears, working the hands thoroughly through the coat; then brush it out with a soft brush. A coat that is dark will immediately shine; pastel blues and creams may take a few days before their textures and shine reach the peak of perfection.


Rubber-bristled brush
Wide-toothed metal comb
Natural, soft-bristled brush
Flea comb
Chamois leather or velvet glove
Cotton wool
Ear cleaner
Eye wipes


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