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Help Groom Your Cat 

A wild cat keeps well groomed and in good condition. But domestication and selective breeding have made changes to the cats coat, such as longer coats that require more grooming than the cat can do itself. This is when the cat will need the owners help, this is especially true for older cats as they may loose motivation and energy.

You can remove some loose hair just by stroking your cat, this will give the coat a nice sheen. Some people believe that it is best to groom the cat just after washing the dishes as your hands will still be slightly damp and the stroking is more effective. Thin rubber gloves have the same effect.

What equipment you will need will depend on the type of fur your cat has. If you have a pedigreed cat, as the breeder for advice. First-hand experience can save you time and money.

Start grooming as a regular routine from a kitten, when it comes into your household. An older cat may need some encouragement, but will probably soon enjoy it. Choose a quiet time, and make sure all you need is available and the cat is settle on a towel on your lap. Donít try to restrain your cat if it wants to play, just wait for another time and try again.


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