Everyday Cat Health and Ailments

Having a sick cat can be devastating to everybody in the house. What's worse however, is if you cannot tell if your cat is sick, there are various tell tell signs to a sick cat, such as lethargy, eye discolouration, runny stools, rapid loss of fur, in fact there are many different signs for all different illnesses. If you spot a combination of symptoms your should visit your vet immediately, it may be something simple like worms, that can be treated quite easily, but just in case it's something more serious a visit to your vet is in order. Cats will often have problem areas, such as the eyes, nose and ears, cats can very easily get things like ear mites, due to their romping around in long grasses, so be prepared to do regular checks of these areas to make sure they are clean and free of infection.

You can help your cat to stay healthy by making sure it has the standard cat treatments, these are not expensive and are vital to prevent your cat from getting some devastating illnesses and viral infections that kill many cats each year. Start from when your cat is a kitten, it will need vaccinations at 9 and 12 weeks, your vet will give you a choice as to what you want to vaccinate against, the more your choose the more expensive it will get, but it is best to protect against as many as you can as it will cost you a lot more in vet fees if you cat should become ill because it was not vaccinated. Then make sure your cat gets it's boosters every year. Aside from that, make sure you treat your cat regularly for fleas and worms and other cat parasites.

Often a lot of health problems can occur due to contact with other cats and well as fighting, and the best preventative measure you cat take it to get your cat neutered, a neutered cat is a much happier and friendly cat. And not only that it will prevent your cat from straying too far and getting involved in territorial fights with other cats.

You need to be prepared for how long your cat will live, when you first get your cat. A cat can live up to 20 years, as long as it is in good health and doesn't have any accidents. So taking on a cat is almost a life choice, when making decisions, remember your cat, as your cat will be part of your life for quite some time.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a cat involved in an accident, then you need to be prepared to perform feline first aid on your cat, this good mean the difference between your cat surviving and loosing your cat. So make sure somewhere, within easy reach, with in your home, you have a first aid kit that you can use on your cat, and you learn the various treatments, this can be distressing for both the cat and the owner, so it's best that you learn the skills, before you need them so you can stay calm should the situation ever arise.

If you cat has been in an accident, and has returned from the vets, you will need to be able to nurse your cat at home. Make sure you can provide a warm and quiet room in your house for your cat, as your cat will not be able to deal with the normal hustle and bustle of normal daily life. You'll need to provide towels and blankets, and it may even be a good idea to have a baby's sterilisation unit on standby, in case you need to use it. You vet will give you strict instructions on what you should do, make sure your follow these, and have your vets phone number on stand by just in case something happens.

If the worst should happen and your cat dies, you can rest assured that you did everything possible to keep your cat comfortable before it happened. There are now plenty of places that will provide a memorial to you cat, this can help some people with mourning process and it's nice to remember the good times you had with your cat.


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