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Coping With A Cats Death

When a cat dies it can be very fast. Very old cats will settle in to a routine, which reflects what they are able to do. A cat will try to maintain its dignity no matter how old it is. This can be difficult when its bodily functions are being compromised by old age. A few elderly cats will get distressed by the loss of functions such as blindness and deafness. Grooming may become difficult and incontinence may occur, which can also upset your cat.

A cat may die in its sleep, but this doesn't happen very often. If your cat is in pain and constantly suffering from aliments that prevent it from acting naturally, you have to consider how kind it is to keep it alive. A vet can end an animals life painlessly, at the request of the owner. The cat is injected with an overdose of anaesthetic which literally puts the cat to sleep. May vets will allow you to be with your cat while this happens should you wish.

The lifespan of a cat is a fraction of a humans, and the cat may have been your companion over a huge part of your life. When your cat dies you may consider burying it in the garden in its favourite spot. If not, there are pet cemeteries where a burial or cremation can take place.

There will be a period of mourning which may feel very intense, as it would be if you lost a human member of your family. This is very normal, as you have lost a very close member of your family.
If you have children in your family, don't forget your cat can have a deep impact on them. Be aware of their feelings as well as your own. If you children are deeply saddened by the loss of their cat, let them show their feelings by perhaps making a memorial to your cat, or even by planting a tree or bush.


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