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Cat Beds and Cat Bedding

The new cat should be able to settle down near the cat litter tray and water. A cardboard box Cat Boxwith an old pillow and blanket is ideal. Then if the bedding is soiled or there are parasites it can be burnt and nothing is lost.

Acrylic cat bedding is widely available and easily cleaned. Wollen materials are not suitable as claws may become stuck and some cats may chew it.

Cat BedWhen the cat has settled in it will need a permanent bed. This can be a range of things, but must be easy to clean. Bedding should be changed regularly.

Many cats will find their own bed even if your provide one. Some cats may settle in a draw near to your tumble dryer where it is warm, or in a spot under your bed. If your cat settles some where you don't want it to, then simply place another bed in that area, when it has got accustomed to sleeping in that bed, move it away from the area and your cat should follow it and sleep where you want it to.




Cat Bed Cat Bed