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Cat Carriers and Cat Baskets 

You will need to buy a cat carrier for bringing the cat home and journeys to the vet. Cat Carrier

Do not buy a small kitten sized carrier as the kitten will grow. It will save you money in the long run. A carrier about 12inx12inx22in should last until the cat is fully grown. Cats like to be snug but they need to be able to turn around and stretch out. They also like to see out so they feel less trapped.

If the journey will be long, have a carrier that can take a litter tray and food and water.

Cardboard carriers are ideal for sick cats as they can be burnt after use. These are very inexpensive. Some people choose wicker baskets, these look nice and the cat can use it as a normal bed, which can help when travelling as the cat will be used to it.

Open wire baskets are good because they re easily disinfected and the cat is visible. Moulded plastic carriers are widely available in many designs and are easy to dismantle for cleaning. Clear plastic carriers are not worth while because the will crack and the cat may become over heated.

Top access designs are good for the cat and handler as the cat can be picked up with out a struggle.


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