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Cat Feeding Equipment 

If you have suitable dishes, then special purchases are not necessary. The best choicesCat Feeding are made of hard plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. They should be easy to clean. Throw out any that are cracked or chipped as these harbour germs. Donít use a cats bowl for anything other than its purpose. Its important to maintain strict hygiene to guard against toxoplasmosis. Clean the feeding area regularly. The cat may reject food due to a tainted smell, so keeping the area clean is essential.

A closed off eating area is a good idea if you have young children.

You may need 3 cat bowls depending on what you are feeding your cat, normally you'll have one bowl for water, one for wet food and one for dry food. It is wise to have a mat under any cat food bowls, as this will help you with any cleaning. Try not to clean the cats eating area with citrus scented products, as cats do not like citrus, ask your vet for suitable cat friendly products.



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