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Where To Find A Healthy Kitten

Its essential to choose a healthy kitten. One picked up from the street should be approached with caution.

Despite pro-neutering campaigns, unneutered cats do roam freely.Cat Health This makes it possible for a four-month-old to become pregnant, resulting in the next generation. These kittens may not be strong, they may have been taken from their mothers too soon and are unlikely to have had any veterinary attention.

Diseases can strike a very young kitten and kill rapidly.

If you want to give a home to an unwanted cat or kitten, go to a welfare agency or humane society. There are several big national organizations and manKitten Healthy smaller charities that care for unwanted cats.

Cats are not normally given to a new owner until they’ve had a health check. But sometimes this doesn’t happen. This is particularly true with feline immunodeficiency disease or feline Aids, the test for this is expensive.

The main organizations usually investigate thoroughly to ensure feline Aids and leukaemia are not present. They also visit the home to ensure it is suitable.

By law in the United Kingdom, kittens must not be sold under six weeks of age. If they appear tiny, it is wise not to purchase.


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