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Cats are curious creatures, we’ve all heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat”, and to some extend that saying is very true. Many domestic cats are injured or lost every day because they have strayed to far from home and got lost, and some times the injuries can even happen at home, your cat might get stuck in your garage and be injured by many of the dangerous things that care kept in there. 

If you are worried about your cats roaming habits, you’ll need to think about controlling your cats territory.  The first thing to consider is neutering your cat. Believe it or not, a neutered cat will not roam anywhere near as far as an un-neutered cat. An un-neutered male cat may roam for miles looking for a female cat on heat to mate with, and when he finds one, there will almost certainly be other male cats in the area with the same idea, this is when cats will start fighting, and many injuries will occur. Once neutered your cat will probably stay with in the confines of the garden. If you find your cat is still roaming too far maybe to the next street, you can consider installing deterrents in your garden to stop your cat climbing over fences, but these may not always work. Normally after neutering you cat will not roam very far at all. 

There are many dangers in and around the home you need to be aware of, as these may harm your cat. You may need to consider restricting some areas form your cat. Make sure that sheds and garages are kept locked when not in sure, as your cat will find them very inviting when it’s raining outside and you cannot let it in the house. The dangers in sheds and garages are immense, think about the tools you keep in there and the chemicals, the last thing you want is to come home and find your cat is sick because it swallowed some chemicals that accidentally fell on the floor. Think about this in your house, treat the house for your cat as you would for a child, keep chemicals and medicines where your cat cannot get to them, and if you have a kitten, think about objects round the house, kittens my jump from stairs and severely hurt themselves. 

When your first let your kitten outside, you kitten will want to explore everything, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your kitten as it’s very easy for a cat that is so small to misjudge things and perhaps jump off something that is too high or get stuck in a hole. If you are really worried about certain area of your garden, then screen them off with chicken wire until your cat is of a large enough size not to find that area a problem and more. 

The biggest fear for many cat owners is a missing cat. This is an immense fear that owners will have from the day they bring their kitten home. What will happen to my cat if it wonders too far and can’t find it’s way back. Well believe it or not, a lot of cats will disappear for days on end, most time this isn’t because they are lost, it’s simply because they’ve found something very interesting to watch, and they’ll come home when they’re hungry. However there are time when a cat really has gone missing, the first thing to do is check under bushes near your house, if it was injured then it would find shelter to recover. Next contact your vet, sometimes people will take a lost pet to the local vet, if your cat is microchipped then your vet will be able to tell you if it’s been handed in anywhere. And as a last resort contact your local cat protection centre, they’ll often help you put together a campaign to let the local community know you’ve lost your cat. More often than not, your cat will turn up.

If you’re going away for the weekend and you are friends with your neighbours, then it is perfectly reasonable to leave your cat at home. You’ll often find that cats are more comfortable in their own home than being moved about just for 2 days. Cats are very independent creatures and all you’ll have to do is get a neighbour or friend to feed your cat and check up on it regularly. This is normally a good way to keep watch on your house too, and your cat will appreciate the extra attention from your friends. 

However you can choose to take your cat with you, many people do, especially for longer holidays, there are now many people who will happily travel with their cat. If you are taking a holiday in your country there are plenty of accommodation sites that will accept your cat just remember to pack your cats be and some food, and get a comfy travel box and your cat should be quite happy. However if you are going abroad it is not such a good idea, unless you are changing countries permanently; in which case you’ll have to put in place all the procedures, such as rabies vaccinations and quarantine periods, this will not be a pleasant time for your cat especially if it’s a very friendly family cat who loves the attention, but don’t worry you cat will soon come round and be your best friend again.



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