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Controlling A Cats Territory

If you live in an apartment block or your cat is fragile or valuable, it is perfectly acceptable to keep your cat indoors. In some parts of the United States vets recommend this for urban cats.Cat Territory

Because of modern pet food cats do not need to go hunting to supplement their diet. And as long as the owner provides toys and plays with the cat it doesn’t need out door exercise.

Cats are naturally nocturnal, but it is unwise to let them stay out at night, due to other predators, such as foxes; or should they get lost, or hurt, it will be a while before you wake and go to look for them. Train your cat to stay in from an early age, and make sure clean litter is always available. This will mean the cat will be happy indoors for long periods of time, and will not cause you problems when left alone, when you go to work, or out shopping.

If the cat is neutered it will reduce its tendency to roam. The sex drive of a calling queen or an active tom cat will override any consideration for road safety. An unneutered mail can hunt up to 7 miles, where as a neutered male may only roam for 200 meters. Unneutered male cats will also fight with other male cats in the neighbourhood to protect their territory, so neutering your cat will not only stop it from wondering where it may injure itself, but will also help to protect the other cats near by from any dangers. You'll find your cat is also more affectionate towards you.


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