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Changing Countries With Your Cat

You may have to move from one country to another for many reasons and if you are going for a long time the cat will go to.

You will need to contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Cat ImmigrationMAFF) in the United Kingdom or the Department of Agriculture in the United States to arrange exportation should you wish to change countries with your cat. This should be done as soon as possible and they will provide you with the relevant information. You will need an export licence for your cat – apply for this 4-6 weeks in advance. Countries receiving cats from the United Kingdom insist on a rabies vaccine at least 28 days prior to import. As the United Kingdom has been free of rabies, vaccines are only given to vets authorized by Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI) of MAFF. The application must state the details of the cat, owner, importing country and method of travel. Proof of cat vaccinations may be required before an export licence is issued.

Cat immigration paper work is heavily scrutinised. Details of the date and time of departure, address, route and method of travel, documents may be required on the application.

Some countries insist on a quarantine period to keep put rabies. In Britain this is a 6 month period. You need to consider the effects of this on your cat. 

Cats can bypass quarantine into Britain if they are show cats not pets, as long as they have all the pre-entry requirements. These include vaccinations, blood testing and implant of a microchip.
You need to be aware that some countries have a huge problem with stray cats. Although you may think this does not directly effect you, it is more than likely that if you are moving to a country with a stray cat problem, then your cat may come into contact with them. Stray cats can have all sorts of diseases, some which cannot be vaccinated against, and your cat may contract these. If you are going to a country with a stray cat problem, you will need to consider if it is kinder to your cat to leave it in your original country, perhaps with a family member or friend.


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