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Going Away

Cats like to stay in their own homes when their owners are away, and there are companies who will arrange for some one to stay and look after your pet. Most people prefer for friends, neighbours and relatives to live in or check on the cat. Its normally wise to have a practise run by leaving the cat with the sitter for a few days before you go for a long holiday to give the cat time to adjust. Make sure the person who is looking after you cat knows where the keys are to any places the cat might have access to. Always leave your contact details and the contact details of your vet. Discuss everything that needs to be done before you leave and write them down if necessary. 

If you donít want to lCatteryeave your cat with someone, you can ask your vet for a list of catteries, or ask your friends for recommendations. Make arrangements well in advance as some catteries get booked up months ahead. Visit the cattery before you leave your cat there to make sure it is suitable and your cat will like it. The cattery should have your vets contact details, as well as your contact details for while you are away. You will be asked if your cat has any special dietary needs, and asked to sign a consent form for treatment in case of illness and acceptance of any veterinary bills.

Some cats really don't like spending time in catteries, and if this is the only option available to you, then be aware that your cat may be rather anti-social for a few days on your return, as it may feel rather undignified. But don't worry your cat will soon realise that it is in your company again and won't have to return to the cattery for some time.


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