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Home Dangers To Your Cat

There are dangers for a cat even if it is kept in doors all day. Netting should be put across open windows and balconies for those who live in high rise buildings. Openwork staircases should be considered dangerous for kittens. 

A cat will be attracted to washing machines and dryers due to the movement and warmth. Make sure you keep the appliance doors shut when not in use. Before you turn a machine on, check the cat has not climbed inside. The smell of food is also enticing, if a cat got trapped in a fridge it would survive for a long time, but it would not survive should it get trapped in a freezer. After 15 mins the cat will get hypothermia.Pet Safety

Its not unusual for cats to get burns and scalds from exploring the small of food. Cats have been known to walk across cooker hobs damaging their paws.

Make sure there are no electric cables exposed as the cat may chew them. Seal them beneath the carpet or in plastic tubing.

Cats are also attracted to olives, but the stones can get stuck in their throats.

Open fireplaces should be guarded even when not lit, as the cat can get stuck up the chimney.


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