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Travelling With Your Cat

A journey of any length can be stressful for your cat, make sure they have a secure environment inside the carrier. Some cats will complain loudly throughout the journey, as they feel trapped, this can be distracting for the driver. Because its stressful, pregnant cats and nursing queens should avoid travelling.Cat Carrier

If there’s no room for a cats litter tray lay some absorbent padding on the base of the carrier, avoid news paper as the ink can stain the fur. Include the cats’ favourite toy and blanket. 

It is advisable to place the cat as far away from the engine as possible and away from heaters and fans. Some carriers are designed to keep out lights and drafts, however on cold days you can cover it with a blanket, but do make sure there are enough ventilation gaps. 

Before booking a bus or coach journey check the company’s policies on animals. Some companies may not let you carry your cat. Some companies charge a fare and some consider them hand baggage. 

Commercial airlines have regulations on pets. These conform to the International Air Transportation Association regulations. You must contact the airline at least a month in advance to find out the requirements for your cat. You may have to buy a specialised carrier for your cat. The carrier needs to be strong, stable and well ventilated. There needs to be a carry handle and a door that can be locked to stop anyone else opening it. It should have the owner’s name, address and any feeding instructions clearly visible.
Some airlines will let the cat stay with the owner but usually the cat will be in a specialised animal area of the planes hold.


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